Jonathan Kien Prang-Dao
Manassas, Virginia
West Virginia University '10 Korea University '08
United States Army
Monterey, California
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Yo! Who's That? It's That Guy JP!
My wife is the best pilot! My wife is the best pilot!

My wife is the best pilot!

I miss when he was so small. I miss when he was so small.

I miss when he was so small.





"Are we datin’? Are we fuckin’?

Are we best friends? Are we something, in between that?

I wish we never fucked and I mean that.

But not really, you say the nastiest shit in bed and it’s fuckin’ awesome.”

i need to be alone like the way you left me 

I’m a ghost and you know this.

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Staying strong.

I’m exhausted. Trying to stay strong and taking care of my class because they act like children. I’m the only one stepping up to take care of them. They need direction. It all builds up. I’m doing extra pt to ensure that I graduate and pass the final pt test. I’m missing my girl and my dog even though I probably lost everything. What’s life if you don’t have the ones that you love in your life? So much is happening in my life so fast that I have to be strong in front of my class. I don’t want to lose her. I hate that it really is my fault. I hate that another guy could whisk her away. I hate that I failed. I hate that it’s not me that could make her happy. I hate that I’m 1000 miles away from her. I hate that no one could compare to her. All these feelings are running through me all at once and I feel hopeless. I still put on a stern face to make sure everyone does the right thing. She’s the first thing that I think about when I wake up and the last thing that I think about before I sleep. I’m sorry. I truly am. I want to be a better person. I’m working hard… I’d choose her every time In every lifetime and I wouldn’t ever have a second thought.